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WELCOME to a new adventure in the Forth Valley, Scotland! Here you can explore a vast area in the heartland of our country where the vibrant landscape has defined and witnessed Scotland’s turbulent history.

Packed with glorious stories and rich in its array of beautiful and fascinating places and objects for you to see, Forth’s Timeline urges you to visit 16 wonderful places in Central Scotland. Whether you are planning a visit soon, dreaming about the day you can make that real life trip or if you simply want to discover more about the Forth Valley area, Forth’s Timeline provides it all.

Forth's Timeline - Themes
To help you unravel over 2,000 years of history amid the rich landscape of the Forth Valley, 16 visitor attractions have come together to showcase the region. The attractions include a fascinating mix of large museums, important art galleries, ancient historical sites, local museums and some hidden treasures.

Three central themes weave the attractions and their exhibits together for you to explore. These themes - ‘Landscape of Inspiration’, ‘Power Struggles’ and ‘Crucible of Industry’ - present real lives, real stories and real museums. Each provides a different way to discover and enjoy Forth’s Timeline.
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The ‘Landscape of Inspiration’ brings together historical architecture, such as the Clackmannanshire Tower Trail together with fine Scottish art collections. The theme provides an insight into the creative legacy of the Forth Valley as seen through its ancient buildings and art.
With its long and turbulent history, the Forth Valley was shaped through ‘Power Struggles’. From the Romans and the Antonine Wall, which can explored near Callendar House and Kinneil Museum, to the Braveheart days of Sir William Wallace, ‘Power Struggles’ helps to unravel Scotland’s past. The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders tells the heroic tales and horror stories of warfare from the Crimean War to the present day.
The River Forth was at the heart of the industrial and manufacturing revolutions in Scotland. The ‘Crucible of Industry’ theme invites visitors to explore attractions like the Birkhill Fireclay Mine, The Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway and Callendar House to understand how the region around the River Forth shaped Scotland’s industrial age and the impact this had on the local population, the nation and the world.
Forth’s Timeline is an adventure. If a real life trip in person is not an option right now, then discover and savour the delights of the many visitor attractions presented here for you to enjoy. Set off now and explore! >>